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Our Fire Alarm Services

Bda system

Commercial BDA Systems

Did you know that ALL existing buildings & newly-constructed buildings in Florida are required to have a Radio Frequency Signal Strength Survey. Do not risk getting cited by code compliance. It is Time to complete the signal strength surveys for your building. Do it now before you get cited and avoid paying rediculuous fines.

Fire alarm services in Florida

Fire Alarm System Services

The best Fire Alarm installers in Hallandale Florida. With our technological expertise and an unrelenting dedication to customer service, Premier Fire Alarms & Integration Systems, Installation Division Inc. has truly set the fire and life safety standards to which others aspire. To ensure we maintain our reputation as providers of cutting-edge detection equipment, and to best customize fire and life safety solutions to customers’ needs, Premier procures detection equipment from a variety of proven experienced vendors and manufacturers.

Fire alarm services in Florida

Commercial Fire Protection

Specialized Industries

Our Commercial fire protection alarm service cover a wide variety of services for your facility from installation to maintenance repair and monitoring. We do it all plus ensure that your building is up to code with all the fire related regulations.


Fire Alarm Installation

We install all types of fire alarms and ensure that they fuction optimally for your protection, and that of your property. Our intelligent systems will notify us, as well as the fire department, if any fire alarms are malfunctioning or have detected an issue.

Fire Alarm System Radio Monitoring

We offer 24/7  emergency service monitoring of your premises, and utilize radio monitoring to ensure that you are safe at all times. With our fire alarm systems monitoring, you can relax and have the peace of mind of complete protection and monitoring behind you.

Fire Alarm Services In Hallandale Florida

We conduct frequent inspections and servicing of the following:


  • Fire sprinklers – This is a critical component of your protection plan. If a fire occurs, the fire sprinklers will provide you the protection you need to put out the fire. We provide quarterly, annually, and five-year inspections of your sprinklers.
  • Fire Alarms – This is the backbone of your safety and must be on-point at all times. We take fire alarm inspections seriously and provide quarterly, semi-annual and annual fire alarm inspections.
  • Fire Extinguishers – As the first defense against small fires, your fire extinguishers must always be ready to save your life at all times, and for this to happen, you need to have them regularly inspected. We offer monthly inspections, as well as 6-year and 12-year inspections.
  • Backflow Devices – We conduct annual backflow testing to maintain the integrity of your water supply so we can prevent diseases and sicknesses. This is done annually.

Wireless Fire Alarm Radio Monitoring

We use the latest technology to ensure that your fire alarms and security are not compromised. This includes the use of wireless technology in order to monitor your premises and properties.

The wireless system transmits signals to our personnel in case your security is compromised at any time.

Expert Designs

We employ experts in our business, which means that your fire alarm installation will be as per your needs if you are in a residential location. We also ensure that our staff takes time to properly analyze the security concerns within your location in order to understand the most important areas.

This is why our wireless fire alarm monitoring is the best option for most businesses. We can clearly identify where the issues are.

Free Annual Wellness Inspections

We understand the need for security. In this regard, we have a proactive service approach that keeps your system running at all times.

During these wellness inspections, we are also able to identify any issues within your system and resolve them immediately.

Why Choose Us For Fire Alarm Services?

We ensure that you receive the best services from our company. Our motto is to always keep our clients safe. You can trust us. Contact us today for all your fire alarm concerns. We will be there for you.

Customer Reviews

I can say, without any hesitation, that I have never had the pleasure of dealing with a more professional organization.

– Elizabeth Flores, Property manager Bel Aire on the Ocean

It is always a pleasure dealing with Premier Fire Alarms and Integrations Systems, inc. They are professional, and their technicians are knowledgeable and respond to our service call in a very prompt manner. We highly recommend Premier Fire Alarms and Integrations Systems, inc. to take care of your fire alarm system needs.

– Daniel Katz, RK Centers

It is my pleasure as property manager of Oceania to inform you of quality services rendered by Premier Fine Alarms and Integration systems, Int. They are prompt to respond to our services needs and the office Staff and Technicians are very well knowledgeable and professional. I highly recommend Premier Fire Alarm and Integration Systems, Inc.

– Katya Legott,, Property Manager, Oceania Tower 1

We are certainly very pleased that we selected premier fire alrams and look forward to working with them in the future as well.

– Paul Cahali, Ocean Sky Hotel Resort

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